A  H E A L I N G  P L A C E

Massage Therapy

  Mavis Souder
Mavis Souder, CMT

We have added massage therapy to the services available at the office. Mavis Souder, CMT (left), offers Healing Through Touch (massage therapy) at our office on Monday thru Saturday, by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment with Mavis, contact her directly at 301-801-4867.


1"I have lived in many parts of the country and have probably seen twenty different massage therapists, and in my experience Mavis Souder is among the best. Her manner is both relaxed and professional. An hour with Mavis makes me feel like I've just had a great night's sleep AND a work-out at the same time! The space she creates to work in is softly lit, quiet, and smells heavenly from the various essential oils and creams that she uses for different therapeutic benefits, depending on the particular situation. The C.D. music she plays during the massage is always lovely and helps with the floating feeling that I always expect with a good massage. I highly recommend Mavis to anyone, because she is a highly compassionate and well trained massage therapist."
- C.Curilla

1"As an MS patient who has dealt with the disease for 25 years I have come to rely on Mavis' incredible massage therapy as a medical necessity rather than a wonderful luxury. Unfortunately my brother, a bed-ridden MS patient, ignored his doctor's recommendation to try massage as a way to deal with the physical and emotional stresses of this unpredictable illness. My personal feeling is that he suffered a lot more than he should have as a result. I am very grateful that Mavis has kept me as a client for 16 years." - J.Reynold

1"My wife and I have been Mavis' clients for over 15 years. She is the best! From traditional deep tissue massage, to the use of "hot" stones, oils and suction cups, she knows how to work out our tension, relax our muscles and ease our stress. My wife tells me that I am a better person after I have had a massage with Mavis."
- Mr. Reynold

We have also incorporated some non-traditional features into the new office, such as:

  • comfortable furniture in the waiting area and soft music in the background
  • a refrigerator filled with bottled water and juice in the waiting area for visitors to enjoy (free of charge)
  • a Coffee Desk where visitors can fix themselves a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while they wait for their appointments or meetings (again, free of charge)
  • a Book Swap where visitors can take a book or leave a book (to facilitate the recycling of good books)
  • a Healing Words board -- a magnetic board where visitors can find or leave healing, comforting, or helpful words for themselves or someone else

We hope you will enjoy our office as much as we do!